computer training in haryana
Garry, Investigative Analyst – Risk Operations, Microsoft, USA

Learning at ITSagar Solutions has been a wonderful experience. I found my time completely utilized here in learning from the expert trainer. I strongly recommend training at ITSagar Solutions.

c++ training in kurukshetra
Sam, Manager, The Coffee Club, New Zealand

I learned a lot from the expert trainer at ITSagar Solutions who have good command in various technologies. I highly recommend attending trainings at ITSagar Solutions – the best training company in haryana.

technical training in kurukshetra
Himanshu, IT Analyst, TCS, United States

During my training tenure at ITSagar, I learned so much both conceptually and practically through hands-on sessions. The training mode of LDAD is the best feature for which I will give 100+ marks. The quantity and quality of training were outstanding. I definitely recommend ITSagar Solutions for Industrial and Regular training.

php training in kurukshetra
Varun, Technical Services Specialist, IBM India

ITSagar Solutions in the best place to learn new technologies and gain skills wih expertise. In less than a week time, I attained a lot of knowledge with practical exposure. Their curricula and approach are truly industry – oriented. Thanks ITSagar. Your are really the Best IT Training company in Haryana. Keep Going !!!

web development training in kurukshetra
Rakesh, Google Certified Digital Marketing Expert

ITSagar is the Best Development and Training Company I have ever seen. Their processes and curricula are fine tuned with recent trends and industry demands. The training approach is purely career oriented that provides skills grooming and fine tuning. If you are looking for the Best Industrial Training Company in Haryana, ITSagar Solutions is your only bet.

web designing kurukshetra
Vipul Jain, Software Developer, Cellos Software System Pvt. Ltd.

Er. Shobhit Gupta is fond of Quality, Performance and new challenges. As part of his team in different projects, I have learnt a lot of new things. He is very enthusiastic towards his work and product and is a great mentor. I want to be this mentee in future also.

industrial training in kurukshetra
Shivam: Software Engineer – NIIT Technologies

ULLAAS is a very good and amazingly helpful software. Hatsoff to the developers of ITSagar. The product is really helpful for Jobseekers, especially at the time of Interview. Its a great tool for testing our skills.

professional it training in kurukshetra
Mayank, NOC Engineer, Goibibo

Knowledge of Mr. Shobhit Gupta makes him best trainer in the town. His approach and effort is up to the mark. Timely and Quality products of Team ITSagar makes them the best. I sincerely recommend ITSagar for a Real and Meaningful Training.

linux training in haryana
Divyajyot Bhutani, Arthur Gallagher, Banglore

ITSagar Solutions has been very helpful to me to complete my course of SQL in a short period of time. The dedication of staff towards students is commendable. The institute has groomed me for the IT industry and are helping many aspiring learners to enhance their knowledge in IT. I wish ITSagar Good Luck for future.

java training in kurukshetra
Upasana, Singapore

ITSagar Solutions, I want to Thank You for helping me get the SQL / MYSQL course. Every student who want to join any course should come and join ITSagar Solutions for their better future.

java training in kurukshetra
Principal – GSSS, Dudhla-Morthla, KKR

We appreciate the sincerity and efforts of Er. Shobhit Gupta for inculcating quality knowledge in the minds of our students through various live demonstration driven sessions under NSQF Programme (Govt. IT/ITes project). We look forward for more technical sessions to be conducted by him in future.

best java training
Principal – GSSS, Kanipla, KKR

Er. Shobhit Gupta delivered various high quality learning sessions with live demonstrations under the Vocational IT/ITes lecture, a Government project. The efforts, sincerity, presentation and in-depth sharing of his knowledge and experience with our students is highly appreciable. Thanks.

top linux training

Principal – GMSSSS, Barara, Ambala

I, on the behalf of GMSSSS, appreciate the efforts and sincerity of Er. Shobhit Gupta in providing various high quality learning sessions on IT topics through live demonstration under Vocational IT/ITes lecture (Govt. Project). His level of knowledge and quality presentation was highly appreciable by everyone. More sessions will be planned soon.

professional training in kurukshetra
Namarata, NIT Kurukshetra

My experience as a student was very good here. The way of training by comparing the things with real life scenario is the best part. Any time, for any problem, student can ask the queries. And the best part is that sir is very down-to-earth.

computer training in kurukshetra
Sarthak, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi

I have done C, C++, Web Designing and Java at ITSagar Solutions and found it one of the best decisions in my life to join ITSagar. The level of training is highly professional and fine tuned with course requirements. Highly recommended.

training in kurukshetra
Hardik Pruthi, Chitkara University, Chandigarh

Learning at ITSagar Solutions was really fun with learn. Earlier, I was afraid of programming but after attending this course at ITSagar, I earned deep understanding of C and gained confidence in programming. Training processes are highly innovative, LDAD is specifically appreciable. Looking for the Top Industrial Training Company? Meet ITSagar.

html training in haryana
Ayush, JMIT Radaur

ITSagar Solutions really helped me to improve my C++ knowledge and skills and gave excellent knowledge about each and every concept. In all aspets of training: presentation, concept clearing, content quality / quantity / relevance, everywhere, ITSagar was excellent and satisfied me upto great extent. I would recommend ITSagar Solutions to every one for technical training and skills grooming.

c training in haryana
Brahmdeep, JMIT, Radaur

At ITSagar, I got a chance to attain the learning of lifetime by gaining in depth knowledge as well working on Live Projects for better exposure. Thanks to Er. Shobhit Gupta for giving me chances to work on live projects. Industrial training from ITSagar Solutions is strongly recommended if you are looking for bright career.

sql training in kurukshetra
Sajan Grover, University College, KUK

I availed several courses at ITSagar Solutions. The Presentation and Concept clearning of Er. Shobhit Gupta is Excellent. Deep knowledge of many advance topics was provided. After training from ITSagar, I find myself on a next level and gained confidence of now being a good programmer / web developer. Highly recommended.

php training in haryana
Dixit Khurana, APIIT Panipat

I was associated with ITSagar Solutions for project work. Er. Shobhit Gupta gave ample of guidance, time and support and ultimately I achieved a fully working project on my own under his keen supervision. He is an ultimate mentor. I highly recommend ITSagar Solutions for Technical learning.

web designing training in haryana
Bhavtej Singh, MMEC, Mullana

In my first visit, it was supposed to be a big institute but was not as I expected. But after studying here, I was quite impressed due to the level of education provided. It was an honour to work with you respected sir. I will never forget you in my life.

java training in haryana
Dimple, Govt. PG College, Ambala.

After getting training in several technologies from ITSagar Solutions, I find my scope extended to a great level in the field of programming. All the contents were precisely related to the technology. The sessions were really good and easily understandable. I appreciably recommend training from ITSagar solutions.

web designing training in kurukshetra
Renu, GIMT Kanipla

In Web designing course, the presentation skills of Er. Shobhit Gupta were Excellent along with very good concept clearing skills. The course was very beneficial to improve my skills and updated my knowledge to a great extent.

php advance training in kurukshetra
Shrishti, Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Pabnawa.

I scale the learning processes of ITSagar Solution to 9 out of 10. ITSagar Soutions donot need any improvement. It is the best institution for taking coaching for any type of course in IT section.

professional computer training in kurukshetra
Manpreet Kaur, TERII, Kurukshetra

ITSagar Solutions is a very Good Professional Training Centre. It provides complete and great knowledge of each and every conept and provides great satisfaction to the students who are gaining knowledge about different courses.

php training kurukshetra
Annu, TERII, Kurukshetra

ITSagar Solutions is the best Training and Development company. During my training, I learnt so many concepts practically through hands-on sessions. I have learned a lot things during this training. In Haryana, TSagar is the best training company and future of students is bright through ITSagar Solutions.

advance linux training in kurukshetra
Navjeet Kaur, DAV, Karnal

ITSagar Solutions is the best training institute according to me. The concept clearing is very good and the facilities in institute are also very good. The course provided at ITSagar is very useful for me since it helped me to develop my web designing skills.

c++ training in haryana
Chandan Walia, KITM, Kurukshetra

I am feeling the best experience of my learning life at ITSagar Solutions. By the help of ITSagar Solutions, I increased my creative mind. During this trainig, all the basic, essential and interesting topics are covered. I am very thankful to ITSagar Solutions.

c training in kurukshetra
Chandan Walia, KITM, Kurukshetra

With 10/10 for presentation skills and high scales in Concept clearing section, I highly recommend training from ITSagar Solutions. Realistic training was provided with adequate contents. Er. Shobhit Gupta has lot of domain knowledge.

html training in kurukshetra
Rashmi Munjal, GIMT Kanipla.

Er. Shobhit Gupta gave high quality training with excellent presentation skills and very good concept clearing. I got deep HTML/CSS knowledge with advance thing that I never knew before. Now I am ready to accept challenges in Corporate World.

it training in kurukshetra
Sheena, KITM Kurukshetra

With overall rating of more than 9 out of 10, I feel happy that I took industrial training from ITSagar Solutions. I have learnt so much at ITSagar and hope this will also help to face problems in future job. I strongly recommend ITSagar Solutions for Industrial Training.

linux training in kurukshetra
Ojas Chawla, Kurukshetra

If you are searching for a place where you can explore the world of IT, ITSagar Solutions is the best one for you. Er. Shobhit Gupta is really co-operative and the best teacher I have ever seen in my life.

linux training kurukshetra
Abhishek, KITM Kurukshetra

All is Well. I give 10/10 to ITSagar Solutions in all sections – presentation, concept clearing, quality and quantity of contents etc. The training surely will help for my bright and safe future. Please join ITSagar Solutions and make your future bright.

web development training in haryana
Anshu Garg, KITM Kurukshetra

With 10 out of 10 marks, I highly appreciate the training provided by ITSagar Solutions. The training was really helpful and improved my skills and knowledge about programming and web development. Now, I feel more confident and comfortable with programming. ITSagar is highly recommended for training.