live project based training
Live Project based Training

Training is a process that encompasses delivery of theoretical knowledge along with adequate exposure to the applications and practical implementations of the concerned topics. Training is not merely telling the students about how things would work out. A real training is about showing the students how things are relay working and what would be the effects of minor alterations to the right approach. Training is also providing exposure to alternative approaches of creating a solution and then figuring out the best one along with valid reasons which makes a particular approach best of of others. This process can only be provided by real world developers, not teachers.

Also, companies are not concerned with what you have studied in your classes or how many marks you scored in your examinations. Companies are not concerned with the numbers on your DMCs. They are concerned with what you can do. How much knowledge do you have and how you can use it to create new approaches in a dynamic environment where every client comes up with different requirements posing unique challenges on you.

Developers face new challenges on daily basis and develop their own approaches to find a solution. As the number of projects increase under the belt of a developer, his experience also increases. A developer leearns from his experience, work of others and his own mistakes so, he better knows what are the possible solutions and how to reach the perfect one.

At ITSagar Solutions, training is provided by experienced developer having 7+ years of experience in software development, web development, system and server administration. After working on 40+ projects, a lot of issues have been faced and resolved with several approaches. As a result, we know how to reach a better solutions and that’s what we provide in our training sessions.

At ITSagar Solutions, you don’t get the knowledge of books, you don’t get the knowledge of online tutorials. Rather, you get the knowledge and exposure of real situations that have been faced in the past and responded with optimal solutions. We provide exposure to best practices as well as bad practices, thus you will know what is the best approach and how to create one for the problems that you might face in your job. As a result, you become a worthy candidate for companies and your chances of securing high salary jobs become brighter.