Viewed things are remembered more than listened ones. LDAD is a unique training methodology created by ITSagar Solutions and is not used at any other place in nearby areas. You attend your in-lab training sessions by facing your trainer as well as viewing the steps live at your laptop screen. Thus, you see everything live on your screen that is being spoken by the trainer. Every topic is demonstrated while it is being explained and the are clearly visible on your computer that helps you understand the things practically instead of assuming the things hypothetically.

demonstrative training

Traditional Approach

In the current teaching and training scenario, the things are taught to students from bookish or other reference materials. While delivery, the contents are spoken by the teacher / trainer and some of its part is also written on white boards that is further noted by the students. This approach forces the audience to create a hypothetical scenario according to the words of teacher/trainer and then assume that the things would really happen as told. Thus, the connectivity with a real application is never provided during lecture delivery. At some places, projections of related slides and lab sessions are provided to students but since there is a gap between class and lab and also there are some routine tasks done by student, a gap is automatically created and students find it hard to connect their hypothetical understanding with the current scenario.

Another problem with this approach is that the classroom content delivery and understanding was dependent on hypothetical assumptions so students find it hard to ask any questions. Since they have not seen the reality, neither they get courage to raise questions nor they have reason to raise questions. Finally session closes with a big yes of understanding by the students.

LDAD: Innovated Approach

In this approach innovated by ITSagar Solutions in the region, every step and every word is demonstrated to the students live on their machine during the session. Whatever trainer says, student see it happening live in parallel to what they are listening. Thus, learning is done in a real and practical environment and there are no hypothetical assumptions. Students feel more connected to the topic and trainer because he/she is practically involved in that scenario as a participant.

Since learning is done by viewing live demonstrations, things are better understood and remember for long by the trainees. Another benefit is that the students is viewing the things getting really happening, he/she can immediately raise questions and trainer shows the effects of queries immediately. Thus, students comes to know the effects and pros/cons of their approach side by side and get to know what is the right approach from experienced trainers. This helped student in two ways:

– Seeing effects of his suggestion / idea / query.

– Getting recommendations of perfect approach from the trainer side by side.

Third benefit is that the codes are also been typed by the trainer for demonstration which can be taken by student in a pen drive. So, students gets already prepared study and reference material created by experienced trainer during the session. This help students connect again to the topic easily and quickly when they goes through the topic later at their homes.

Success Stories

Since inception, a lot of students from a variety of institutes and companies including NIT, JMIT, Microsoft, IBM TCS etc have attended high quality training sessions and reviewed the training processes to 8-10 on a scale of 10 where in feedback is taken about the Content relevance, Trainer Presentation, Understanding and concept clearing by trainer, quality and quantity of contents etc. As a result, ITSagar feels proud on being called as the Best Training Institute for CSE and IT students.