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What is Web Designing?

Web Designing is a popular field that comprises of several tasks in order to provide highly informative and interactive websites to the society for the growth of an organization. Majorly, a good webdesigner needs to have in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery.

With the combination of HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery, you can create unbeatable web applications and can prove your worthiness by exhibiting your skills in front of the industry.


HTML, an abbreviation for the Hypertext Markup Language, is a widely adopted standard for developing and distributing web based applications. It is a standard markup language commonly used to create web pages that collectively turns out to be a website. Since its inception as a basic language, HTML has gone through a large number of alterations and upgrades that has recently led to the outcome of HTML5 which is now widely adopted to create websites and web applications that are highly responsive and can run on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

HTML is also a standard language for the web browsers and all the browsers are expected to follow same standards so that users of all platforms can have similar experience without any distortion. Although, during development of a new version, all browsers impart their own concepts and implementations of various concepts which developer needs to follow but for most of the time, there is not too much labor in learning and implementing theses variations but ofcourse, developer needs to know about them.


CSS, an abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheets, is a supporting but inherent utility for web designing that allows you to create highly attractive GUI through complete control over the HTML elements. There are a lot of concepts other than simple div, paragraph and table generation about which most of students are not aware and thus, they are not able to design good GUI for web applications. Some of these concepts include positioning of elements, pseudo elements, pseudo classes, gradients implementation, 2-D transformations, animations etc. These are now the building block of web designing.


To provide exposure over manipulating the elements of HTML / CSS, Javascript is also introduced in the course with ample of examples to make you understand how it works and how it can be used in your web applications to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM).


JQuery, devised over Javascript, is one of the widely used utility that has revolutionized the UI/UX designing part of web development by offering highly innovative and creative libraries with which you get immense control over how the elements will be placed, how they are used and how they are displayed dynamically in response to the user actions.

Career Opportunities with Web Designing

With the wide spread use of Internet, every business has gone online now a days. Website has become an essential asset for any business. With the knowledge of web designing, you can develop static and attractive websites that is required by most of the businesses. The major job profile for you are:
– Website Designer
– Web Interface (UI) Designer
– Web Experience (UX) Designer
– Template Designer

Why choose ITSagar for Training in Web Designing?

At ITSagar Solutions, we provide a unique learning package of all these four technologies by providing in-depth exposure to the concepts of HTML 4/5 and CSS 3 and make keen efforts towards carving Best Web Designers out of you.
The provision of flexible modules and ample of technical exposure provided by the Microsoft and Redhat Certified Professional trainer having 7+ years of experience in professional web development makes us the Best HTML, CSS or in short, the Best Web Designing institute.

The training sessions are delivered by experienced trainer who is himself a developer and has completed more than 30 Live projects and has also taught in an Engineering College as an Assistant Professor for years. Thus, you get teacher-cum-trainer with years of implementation experience with in-depth knowledge.

Through LDAD based learning, we provide live demonstrations of concepts with several examples of each for better understanding right in front of you. Thus, through our one-on-one demonstration sessions, you attain better understanding of concepts and their implementations.

Training Tracks

We offer learning in SQL with two tracks:
– Fast Track
– Professional.
In Fast track, you learn most of the tags and css implementations that are majorly required for web designing.
In Professional track, you will get in-depth exposure to a variety of tags and constructs that helps you create more sophisticatd websites with high interactivity.

Training Modes

We facilitate our students with two training modes so that they can learn as per their comfort:
– Online Training: In this mode, student can get trained sitting at their homes through Online Training sessions.
– Offline Training: In this mode, the training sessions are conducted in the establishment of ITSagar Solutions.


A certificate is an authentic document that proves your skill expertise level and helps you stand out of the crowd while appying for jobs and promotions.
At ITSagar, we too are committed to help you avail better career opportunities. Keeping this in mind, a Training Certificate is provided to every alumni of ITSagar. Additionally, anyone can attempt following certification exams at ITSagar Solutions and earn authentic document proving your skillset.
– ITSagar Certified Web Designer(ICWD).
This is an open-to-all exam series and the candidate is not required to be an alumni of ITSagar.

Who is the Beneficiary Audience?

Students of Schools, Diploma, B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc, M.Tech, MCA, M.Sc etc. can go for this course.

How can I start?

To start with training, you need to visit the office of ITSagar Solutions and get yourself registered for free following which you will be provided free 2 days demo classes. Afterwards, you can continue your training by paying the course fees.