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What is SQL?

With quick revolutions in IT sector, the amount of data available with every organization has grown immensely. Earlier the information was managed in flat / sequential files but with increasing data, these files proved to be inadequate and degraded the information processing systems. Need for better data handling systems led to the development of specialized data management tools known as DBMS (Database Management System) which were further improved to RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) that proved to be far better alternatives for creating and handling big data repositories. Database driven applications have become a must have asset for every organization. Every organization needs software and dynamic web portals that can connect to the high performing RDBMS systems.

Why SQL?

Majority of the RDBMS systems work on standardized SQL (Structure Query Language) that has become a de-facto standard for manipulating database management systems. It is an example of declarative programming wherein several commands are pre-defined within the RDBMS that can be used (fired) from a front end and the data is mined and displayed in response. Several SQL commands, knows as SQL queries, are made available with a standardized set of queries with minor alterations of their own by the RDBMS vendors. It is easy to install and use them for your application.

For every IT aspirant, it is essential to go through and have a good hands-on with the SQL queries under some RDBMS environments, expertise in which makes them eligible for highly paid jobs like Database Administrator.

Career Opportunities with SQL

SQL is an industry de-facto standard for database management. It is essential for every software developer to have deep knowledge of SQL queries and their applications. Almost every organization needs a administrator to manage their immense data repositories. With the rapid development of Cloud computing, demand of database administrators has risen rapidly. Thus, training in SQL has become a must-have asset for IT aspirants. With proven skills in SQL, you can go for following high paying job profiles:
– Database Administrator
– Data Replication Expert

Why choose ITSagar for Training in SQL?

At ITSagar Solutions, we offer adequate exposure to basic SQL, nested queries, joins, views and other essential concepts to make you competitive and knowledgeable enough so that you can implement this knowledge in any development tool and connect it with the RDBMS efficiently. Stored procedures are also introduced in this program.

The training sessions are delivered by experienced trainer who is himself a developer and has completed more than 30 Live projects most of which were coded using MSSQL / MYSQL / MS-Access at backend. The trainer has also taught in an Engineering College for years. Thus, you get teacher-cum-trainer with years of implementation experience with in-depth knowledge.

Through LDAD based learning, we provide live demonstrations of concepts with several examples of each for better understanding right in front of you. Thus, through our one-on-one demonstration sessions, you attain better understanding of concepts and their implementations.

Training Tracks

We offer learning in SQL with two tracks:
– Essentials
– Professional.
In Essentials track, you learn most of the sql operations, filters and implementations that you can use in most of the projects.
In Professional track, you will get in-depth exposure to a majority of concepts including user management, policies management, priviliges management etc that helps you reach the top spots in the field of database administration.

Training Modes

We facilitate our students with two training modes so that they can learn as per their comfort:
– Online Training: In this mode, student can get trained sitting at their homes through Online Training sessions.
– Offline Training: In this mode, the training sessions are conducted in the establishment of ITSagar Solutions.


A certificate is an authentic document that proves your skill expertise level and helps you stand out of the crowd while appying for jobs and promotions.
At ITSagar, we too are committed to help you avail better career opportunities. Keeping this in mind, a Training Certificate is provided to every alumni of ITSagar. Additionally, anyone can attempt following certification exams at ITSagar Solutions and earn authentic document proving your skillset.
– ITSagar Certified SQL Beginner (ICSB).
– ITSagar Certified SQL Administrator (ICSA).

This is an open-to-all exam series and the candidate is not required to be an alumni of ITSagar.

Who is the Beneficiary Audience?

Students of Schools, Diploma, B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc, M.Tech, MCA, M.Sc etc. can go for this course.

How can I start?

To start with training, you need to visit the office of ITSagar Solutions and get yourself registered for free following which you will be provided free 2 days demo classes. Afterwards, you can continue your training by paying the course fees.